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What Our Listeners Say

We recently asked our listeners to tell us what they think of Family Album. Here’s a sample of what we heard. We’d still like to hear from you. Please click on “Contact Us” above and let us know what you like or would like to hear on Family Album Radio!

"Keep up the good work. I am a young parent of young children. I need all the help I can get."

"[Family Album is] easy to understand. [It] seems based on good research but is not overly academic. Boils down complex info into easy to use tools."

"The host is very engaging. She makes me feel relaxed."

"Practical information for the entire community presented in a friendly, non-threatening format (unlike "talk radio")."

"I really like to hear about the latest research on fostering a healthy family environment."

"[Family Album Radio] often promotes family discussion when we hear the show together."

"It is good, objective information for everyone."

"[We enjoy] the diversity of topics and the simplicity with which complex family research is presented."

"It's well put together and I find it interesting."