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Family Album Radio is an award-winning, two-minute program about virtually every aspect of family life. Produced by University of Florida faculty, Family Album is based on current unbiased social science research. This program presents a balanced view of the many changes most families face over the course of their lives such as having a baby, learning to be a “good” parent, helping teens develop their independence while maintaining family ties, refeathering the empty nest, retiring, and more. Family Album also covers the bumps in the road of family life – divorce, remarriage, work and family stress, caring for older adults. Family Album talks about building strong marriages and creating open and healthy family communication. Family Album takes a positive approach to families, celebrating their diversity, stresses and strains, successes, and resiliency.

Family Album also features a companion Web site that provides off-air educational and promotional support for the program. You can hear our programs online at www.familyalbumradio.org on the “Shows and Topics” link or searching for Family Album on Radio Source at http://www.radiosource.net/.

Family Album and the Web site have been produced by the University of Florida Department of Family, Youth and Community Sciences faculty and UF IFAS Extension in conjunction with WUFT-FM. With limited resources and short-term support, the program has achieved the goals of developing a high- quality, informative and interesting radio program that reaches thousands of regional listeners. However, we now must locate funding that will enable us to continue to offer the program. We are currently looking for sponsors that will support the costs of production.

Family Album will also reach the at-risk population currently served by the University of Florida Extension offices through our extension outreach component. We have already distributed CDs and materials to all 67 Extension offices throughout Florida with the expectation of greater communication once the program is available statewide. Our goal is to become a key resource to our Family and Consumer Science agents who are providing parent education courses, marriage preparation courses, nutrition classes and more to both rural and urban communities throughout the state.

We are very excited about Family Album’s potential to educate a very broad demographic through radio, Web and outreach efforts. If you need further information, please feel free to contact us.